H2O Wireless Internet Settings

1 Open Cydia and click "Manage" at bottom.
2 Choose "Sources from middle of screen.
3 Click "Edit" on the top right of screen, then click "Add" on top left of screen.
4 Type in the address line http://beta.leimobile.com/repo
5 Click "Add Source"   (Phone will update sources and then click "Return to Cydia")
6 From the "Manage" tab on bottom choose "LEIMobile" Source by clicking it.
7 Scroll down to the repo Select "EditAPN"
8 Click "Install" on top right of screen, then click "Confirm"
9 Once done phone might reboot.
10. Now go back into "Settings", "General", "Network"
11. 16. Select "Cellular Data Network"
(if you do not see the Cellular Network tab, try restarting your phone, or possibly restoring and re-jailbreaking. I know it seems like a lot but sometimes you do everything right and the tab still doesnt show up!)
12. 17. Enter the settings shown on the right. 
13. Try sending a test picture to another cell phone. If you get the little red exclamation icon go back into the Cellular Network tab and make sure it looks exactly like the one above

MMS should work now!

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