What is 4G HSPA+?

What is it? It’s the 4th Generation (4G) of Wireless Standards. What it does is offer screaming data speeds that can reach more than 3X the speed of 3G networks. SIMPLE Mobile runs on a HSPA+ network that tops out at 21 Mbps (megabits per second) with average speeds reported to be close to 8 Mbps.

We have the widest 4G coverage area of any national prepaid wireless provider. Of course, we aren't stopping there. We have found a way to push our HSPA+ network even further which will double that maximum download speed to 42 Mbps. We are working to introduce those speeds to our customers across the country while continuing to expand our HSPA+.

There is no such thing as too fast.


By doubling the speed of our 4G network in markets across the country, SIMPLE Mobile customers will have access to the fastest 4G speeds in over 200 locations.

SIMPLE Mobile users have seen average download speeds approaching 10Mbps with peak speeds of 27 Mbps on the Rocket 3.0 laptop stick – the company’s first 42Mbps device.

SIMPLE Mobile’s increased network speed capabilities will benefit its customers using 3G and 4G devices for data services, as the backward compatible network pushes the limits of 3G and 4G devices to achieve maximum speed performance.


Our 4G network is constantly expanding, reaching even more people and places. Check to see if we've got you covered! If not, don't worry! While we work on growing our 4G network, we've still got you covered with nationwide 3G.

* 4G is up to 3 times as fast as current 3G technology. It delivers theoretical peak download speeds of up to 21Mbps and peak upload speeds of up to 5.7Mbps.

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